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Industry roundtable: Economic Development, Albany Business Review, 12.15.17

Moreau grain hub project gets $300K from state, Saratogian, 12.14.17

Woman Receives $300,000 for Specialty Farm in Moreau, Saratoga Today, 12.14.17

Capital Region awarded $85 million for development projects, Times Union, 12.13.17

Halfmoon looks to land clean manufacturer in “Area 3”, Times Union, 12.12.17

Halfmoon targeting clean energy, tech firms for 400 acres on northeast side of town , Albany Business Review, 12.12.17

Study shows land parcels near Hudson River ripe for commercial development, Saratogian, 12.12.17

Study examines industrial potential of Halfmoon site Clean energy, manufacturing targeted, Daily Gazette, 12.12.17

New Study explores feasibility of industrial growth in Halfmoon, Spectrum News, 12.12.17

Fingerpaint makes another investment in Saratoga Springs, Daily Gazette, 11.29.17

Next Wave Center to help more jobs surface in Saratoga County, Saratogian, 11.16.17

Expert: Healthy semiconductor industry needs business ecosystem, Saratogian, 11.16.17

M+W US chief executive says Albany region is best place to put semiconductor manufacturers, Albany Business Review, 11.17.17

Tech park in Malta will be site of new center for GlobalFoundries’ partners, Albany Business Review, 11.16.17 

Chip industry living the good life right now, Times Union, 11.16.17

Next Wave Center to be located at STEP, Times Union, 11.16.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership announces ‘flex space’ project, Daily Gazette, 11.16.17

County Agency Announces Strategic Partnership to Drive High-Tech Growth, Saratoga Today, 11.9.17

Semiconductor group, Economic Developer Team Up, Daily Gazette, 11.9.17

Partnership Formed To Boost High-Tech Economy In Capital Region, WAMC, 11.9.17

Semiconductor group Partnering with Saratoga Partnership, Times Union, 11.9.17

Amazon HQ: Do we have a snowball’s chance, Times Union, 10.18.17

Upstate Issues: Saratoga Partnership, IHeartRadio, 10.7.17

Partnership wins award for email newsletter, Times Union, 9.25.17

The Top 7 Cities Competing With Silicon Valley for Tech Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur, 8.24.17

Amazon has triggered a $5 billion bidding war — here are the 50 cities that are in competition for its new HQ, Business Insider, 9.21.17

Grain hub idea ferments, Times Union Sunday Cover Story, 9.10.17

Amazon wants another headquarters. Saratoga County leader: “We need to be aggressive”, Albany Business Review. 9.8.17

Capital Region dreams for Amazon’s $5 billion HQ2, Times Union, 9.8.17

Prosperity Partnership Pitches Saratoga County, Daily Gazette, 9.8.17

Moreau grain hub would connect brewers, farmers and beer lovers, Times Union, 9.8.17

Upstate venture capital group changes name, Times Union, 9.6.17

Slow population growth in region helps limit workforce, Daily Gazette, 9.3.17

County Agency Hosts Economic Consultants, Saratoga Today, 8.31.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership hosts site selectors, Saratogian, 8.30.17

Economic Development FAMTOUR hosted by the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, Times Union, 8.28.17

Prosperity Partnership pitches Saratoga County, Daily Gazette. 8.28.17

Group Working to Restore Universal Preservation Hall, Spectrum News, 8.11.17

City Taproom Officially Open, Saratoga Today, 8.10.17

New brewery and taproom opens in downtown Saratoga Springs, Times Union, 8.10.17

Wisconsin Won’t Break Even on Foxconn for 25 years, Times Union, 8.10.17

Saratoga gets most investment of any county in the state, Albany Business Review, 8.3.17

Woman sees farm field as Major Grain Hub, WNYT, 8.2.17

Proposed grain hub in Moreau would fill void between farms, craft breweries, Saratogian, 8.1.17

On the Trail of Innovation, Site Selection Magazine, 7.31.17

Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga on verge of $7 million renovation, Albany Business Review, 7.18.17

Saratoga County Promoted at Semicon West, Saratogian, 7.16.17

Prosperity Partnership Pitches Local Industry on West Coast, Saratoga Today, 7.13.17

‘Grains hub’ in Moreau would supply breweries, distilleries and farms, Post Star, 7.8.17

Saratoga’s Next Wave Center gets cross-country pitch, Times Union, 6.16.17|
These area tech executives want to attract more companies to work with GlobalFoundries, Albany Business Review 6.8.17

Developers push for construction of technology work space, Daily Gazette, 6.7.17
Incubator for Fab 8 supply chain, chip tech in works, Times Union, 6.7.17

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Taxpayers Need more Transparency Saratogian, 5.20.17

Prosperity Partnership host reception for Semiconductor Industry, Times Union, 5.15.17

State of the Economy? Very good in Saratoga County, Daily Gazette, 5.9.17

Economic Index Reveals Growing Economy in Saratoga County, Saratogian, 5.9.17

New Saratoga County economic index being unveiled, Times Union, 5.4.17

Local Revolving Loan Funds Boost Small Businesses, Saratoga Today, 5.4.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership Interview 2017, LookTV, 5.4.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership networks with consultants in NYC, Saratogian, 5.1.17

Environmental clean-up firm opens new headquarters in Saratoga County, Albany Business Review, 4.14.17

Land Remediation opens Waterford headquarters, Times Union, 4.12.17

GlobalFoundries leader to speak at Skidmore, Saratogian, 3.24.17

Workshops help entrepreneurs build business, Saratogian, 3.21.17

Small Business Workshops to be held, Post Star, March 14

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