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Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership announces strategic partnership with the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)

County Agency Announces Strategic Partnership to Drive High-Tech Growth, Saratoga Today, 11.9.17

Semiconductor group, Economic Developer Team Up, Daily Gazette, 11.9.17

Partnership Formed To Boost High-Tech Economy In Capital Region, WAMC, 11.9.17

Semiconductor group Partnering with Saratoga Partnership, Times Union, 11.9.17

Amazon HQ: Do we have a snowball’s chance, Times Union, 10.18.17

Marty Vanags weighed in on Amazon’s HQ2 and the effort to land the second headquarters in the Capital Region

Upstate Issues: Saratoga Partnership, IHeartRadio, 10.7.17

Marty Vanags spoke with Diane Donato about the big picture of economic development in Saratoga County and Upstate New York.

Partnership wins award for email newsletter, Times Union, 9.25.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, won an Excellence in Economic Development Award during the International Economic Development Council’s annual conference for its 8@8 newsletter.

The Top 7 Cities Competing With Silicon Valley for Tech Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur, 8.24.17

Albany has worked to create an ideal environment for tech companies and employees growing the region into a tech hub

Amazon has triggered a $5 billion bidding war — here are the 50 cities that are in competition for its new HQ, Business Insider, 9.21.17

Marty Vanags, President of the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, weighed in on the $5 billion bidding war, saying it would work with the Albany-based Center for Economic Growth “and others to develop a proposal for Amazon”.

Grain hub idea ferments, Times Union Sunday Cover Story, 9.10.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership and Moreau Town Board helped Rachel Czub to apply for an economic development council grant to start a $1.5 million grain hub in Moreau.

Amazon wants another headquarters. Saratoga County leader: “We need to be aggressive”, Albany Business Review. 9.8.17

Marty Vanags, President of the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership said the region can compete for a new, $5 billion Amazon headquarters that would employ up to 50,000 people over the next 10 to 15 years.

Capital Region dreams for Amazon’s $5 billion HQ2, Times Union, 9.8.17

Capital Region economic developers and municipalities were trying to come together to submit a unified plan for an Amazon campus.

Prosperity Partnership Pitches Saratoga County, Daily Gazette, 9.8.17

The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership led a tour Monday for consultants who help companies find places for expansion or relocation.

Moreau grain hub would connect brewers, farmers and beer lovers, Times Union, 9.8.17

Moreau Town Board and Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership helped Czub apply for a regional economic development council grant for a  $1.5 million grain hub start-up.

Upstate venture capital group changes name, Times Union, 9.6.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, attended an Upstate Capital event last month in Saratoga Springs, for the group’s 10th Annual Investor Forum & Day at the Races.

Slow population growth in region helps limit workforce, Daily Gazette, 9.3.17

Marty Vanags, weighed in on population growth and workforce in the region saying, a lot of economic developers face similar questions in a robust economy.

County Agency Hosts Economic Consultants, Saratoga Today, 8.31.17

Marty Vanags and Shelby Schneider, promoted regional culture and local commercial sites to potential investors from all over the U.S.

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership hosts site selectors, Saratogian, 8.30.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership strengthened relationships with eight site selectors who visited the region earlier this week.

Economic Development FAMTOUR hosted by the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, Times Union, 8.28.17

Site location consultants from around the country took part in an Economic Development FAMTOUR hosted by the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership

Prosperity Partnership pitches Saratoga County, Daily Gazette. 8.28.17

Saratoga County’s designated economic development agency led a tour Monday for consultants who help companies find places for expansion or relocation.

Group Working to Restore Universal Preservation Hall, Spectrum News, 8.11.17

The Saratoga economic development agency along with others is working to restore Universal Preservation Hall.

City Taproom Officially Open, Saratoga Today, 8.10.17

Marty Vanags and Shelby Schneider attend the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the City Taproom after helping the Taylors gain access to a $75,000 loan.

New brewery and taproom opens in downtown Saratoga Springs, Times Union, 8.10.17

Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership helped the R.S. Taylor and Sons Brewery and Taproom open in its newest location in Congress Plaza, in Saratoga Springs.

Wisconsin Won’t Break Even on Foxconn for 25 years, Times Union, 8.10.17

Marty Vanags weighed in on large manufactures building new plants in the United States and the benefits the Saratoga region has realized through GlobalFoundries moving to the area

Saratoga gets most investment of any county in the state, Albany Business Review, 8.3.17

Analysis done by SmartAsset shows Saratoga County received the most incoming investment and ranked in the top 10 percent of all counties nationwide for new building permits.

Woman sees farm field as Major Grain Hub, WNYT, 8.2.17

Rachel Czub received help from the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership to find the $1.5 million to start her gain hub business to supply the grains needed for the rapidly growing craft brewing industry.

Proposed grain hub in Moreau would fill void between farms, craft breweries, Saratogian, 8.1.17

Shelby Schneider, Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership’s director of business retention and expansion, helped Rachel Czub achieve her goal of helping farmers, brewers, and distilleries with her grain hub business plan.

On the Trail of Innovation, Site Selection Magazine, 7.31.17

New York’s Tech Valley has built momentum over the passed couple of years and the Saratoga Partnership is working with companies and executives to build an ecosystem of supply chain companies.

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