BLU On The Hill

We invite you to join us for our annual fly-in—Business Leaders United on the Hill—delivered virtually this year on September 15-16, 2020. This event provides an opportunity for business leaders from every corner of the country and sector of the economy to come together to advance workforce policy that works for business. 

For years, businesses in nearly every industry have struggled to find, train, and retain workers with the skills they need to compete—and now, with countless businesses threatened and tens of millions of workers displaced by the Covid-19 pandemic, industry-driven skills policy is even more essential for a swift, sustainable, and inclusive economic recovery for businesses and workers. That is why it is critically important that policymakers in Washington hear from you about the skills your workforce needs to succeed.

Register today and join business leaders across the country who are calling on our nation’s policymakers to invest—aggressively and effectively—in the skills of America’s workers.

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