Big Savings for Saratoga County Businesses in 2016

At a time of year when everyone has money going out of their pockets faster than Santa crisscrossing the globe on Christmas Eve, we want to take a minute to talk about how we’ve helped business here in Saratoga County save money in 2016.

Let’s say a business is planning to invest $7 million dollars on a business project in Saratoga County. If they choose us to help guide them through the Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency process, they could save over $20,000 in fees.

How? It’s easy: we asked if we could.savings-for-saratoga-county-businesses

In July 2016, the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership signed a new Economic Development Services Agreement with the Saratoga County Industrial Development Authority. The agreement allows the Partnership to refund half of an administrative fee back into a project. This exclusive value-add for project applicants, is what allowed the Partnership to help companies save.

And save companies have, to the tune of $41,955 in fees to date.

Now, let’s go back to that $7 million dollars. It’s not just a hypothetical, it’s the story of Logistics One. After learning we could have help them save $22,500 in fees, the decision was easy: they wanted to work with us as they approached the Industrial Development Agency for incentives.

They aren’t the only ones who saved big in 2016. Land Remediation and MJ Properties, invested $1.2 million and $3 million respectively, saving $6,393 and $13,062.

The good news is, any company can experience those same savings; all they have to do is call the Partnership.

Save more… don’t spend more in 2017.

Companies that are interested in saving money while bringing a project to the Saratoga County Industrial Development Authority, should contact the Partnership at 518.871.1887.