Business First Saratoga Can Spark Growth

Enabling growth requires an environment where individuals with drive and good ideas can get started in business and where good firms can invest and grow, thereby creating more jobs.

To achieve a healthy business environment, economic developers need to foster a culture of listening. That’s why we launched Business First Saratoga.Business First Saratoga

Through problem-solving and advocacy, the Business First Saratoga serves local business by developing relationships to understand the opportunities and challenges of doing businesses in our region. Thinking about a facility expansion? Experiencing infrastructure or utility issues? Having difficulty finding qualified personnel or trying to train incumbent workers with new skills? You’re not alone. That’s why we want to listen to you and help you identify the tools needed to address these issues.

The part you’re going to love most is that this service is free. Helping you grow your business is our business.

It’s really easy to sign up. You can call us at 518.871.1887. You can email us at Or, you can fill out the sign up at

Along with our partners, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County, we are committed to this initiative and look forward to hearing your stories and working with you toward a more prosperous Saratoga County.