The Full Court Press of Economic Development

In Malcom Gladwell’s newest book “David and Goliath,” Gladwell writes about a basketball team with less traditional players using the tactic of a full court press to win games. A full court press often forces the team inbounding the ball into making mistakes, giving the faster, smaller team more opportunities to score. The coach Gladwell interviewed strongly believes a team can win more games by implementing the approach.

The Saratoga Strategy

The Saratoga Strategy is like a full court press for economic development in Saratoga County. Instead of letting the opposing team (communities and regions across the county who we compete against) easily bring the ball up the court to score, we will implement a strategy that gives us the advantage with companies and businesses seeking new places to invest. We want the ball (these said companies and businesses), and we want to score and do it as quickly as possible. A full court press approach gives us that advantage.

Aggressively seeking new companies to attract and invest in Saratoga County brings new investment flowing into our community. Working closely and intimately with our existing businesses will remove obstacles to growth, identify new supply line attraction targets, and building off the investment by the semiconductor business will continue to fuel the economy.

Finally, like basketball, the process of economic development should be approached as a team. The models of success always point to a collaborative effort between the public and private sector. The players we need for this strategy come from both. We will build the necessary relationships to make sure we get our hands on the ball more often than not.

We recognize we must score quickly, efficiently and often to grow our economy. Our full court press, specifically our four objectives, will generate results. We will get our hands on the ball often and we will win. We hope you are there to cheer us on.