I Always Like to Say…

I always like to say, “Why reinvent the wheel?”

When the first (literal) wheel was invented, it probably wasn’t a two-ply rubber radial tire that runs flat in case of puncture made by Firestone. It was likely carved out of a rock. Yet, over the centuries it kept getting better and better. Better materials, stronger and more reliable. But, overall one thing remained, the wheel retained its basic shape: round.SCPP Wheel

When economic developers get together one might consider it a wheel convention. We all know the economic development wheel has to retain its elemental shape, but we can still bounce ideas around on how to improve it. And so it goes this week as the New York State Economic Development Council meets in Cooperstown, NY. We will not reinvent the wheel – attraction, business retention and expansion – but rather work on how to creatively improve upon it.

I go to professional meetings, because I want to huddle with others and learn from their successes, and sometime their mistakes.

This week I’m learning how the nature of corporations have changed and how we can be more responsive with our workforce development programs. I’m having discussions with my colleagues on how to optimize the START-UP NY program in Saratoga County. I’m hearing directly from one of the preeminent site location consultants about best practices in serving out-of-state business prospects.

The economic development wheel keeps spinning and it’s the best equipped and most knowledgeable of organizations that will ultimately succeed. The Partnership won’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, but we will always strive to find the best way and the fastest method to make it spin.