Lowering the cost of doing business in Saratoga County

We signed a new Economic Development Services Agreement with our sister organization, the Saratoga County Industrial Development Authority (SCIDA), earlier this week. Here’s what it means for Saratoga County business owners and those looking to do business here.

  1. Economic development efforts in Saratoga County continue to streamline. You have a project and you want to complete it as quickly, cost-effectively, and with as little red tape as possible. We get that and are leading the charge for disruptive economic development and innovation in Saratoga County. This agreement allows us to streamline our partner processes so we can easily assist you with all aspects of your project, including public investments. Think: one-stop shop.
  2. We cut your administrative fees in half. How? This new agreement allows us to refund our half of an administrative fee back into a project. Fees are based on a sliding scale formula and will vary per project. Regardless of your project size, we’re going to make sure it costs you less money to complete it.

Do you have a potential project? Give us a call at 518.871.1887 – we want to help!

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