Manufacturing Month: Five Questions with Polyset Company, Inc.

Manufacturing Month 2016

To celebrate Manufacturing Month 2016, we are spotlighting several Saratoga County-based manufacturers and the work they do. Today’s feature – and the last in the series – is Polyset Company, Inc. Polyset is a manufacturer with a philosophy of designing system engineered products around customer needs in order to maximize their performance and minimize their total cost of ownership. Incorporated in 1985, Polyset currently employs 37 people at its 55,000 ft2 facility in Mechanicville, New York and ships its products anywhere from Albany to Australia.

What do you manufacture?

Much like one of our suppliers (and sometimes competitor) BASF said in their iconic late 1980s/early 90s ad campaign, “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better.” Polyset manufactures coatings, adhesives, and sealants for a variety of industries, including construction, filtration, petrochemical, and microelectronics.

Who are your customers and where are they located?

Polyset’s  customers and products can be found in our backyard and around the world. This week an expansion joint system that we fabricated in our plant was installed literally down the street in Mechanicville on the Rt. 67 bridge that is currently being rehabilitated. Concurrently, we shipped out an electrical insulating compound Polyset manufactures under contract for 3M to China.

What does your ideal workforce look like?

Polyset is in its second generation of family ownership, and that closeness has permeated through its workforce, there are multiple indices of related people working at Polyset, brothers and sisters, uncles and nephews, etc. I feel this has been a tremendous advantage to our environment, and one of our challenges is to maintain that environment as we pursue more growth.

What’s the biggest challenge you currently face?

Polyset invests considerably in R&D, and we are looking to continue the diversification of our products and the markets we serve. Our greatest challenge currently is planning for that growth and diversification; Polyset is a company that makes adhesives, and not buildings. Working with groups like the Partnership has been helpful to navigate the waters as we look to expand.

What makes Saratoga County attractive as a business location for you?

Saratoga County has always been Polyset’s home; from a garage in Round Lake, to industrial parks in Clifton Park and Ballston Spa, to our current facility in Mechanicville/Stillwater. Throughout that experience, we have found good people, a great environment, and easy access to send our goods wherever they need to be.