Manufacturing Month: Five Questions with GLOBALFOUNDRIES


To celebrate Manufacturing Month 2016, we are spotlighting several Saratoga County-based manufacturers and the work they do. Today’s feature is GLOBALFOUNDRIESGLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s second largest semiconductor foundry, producing chips for many of the top technology companies in the world. With corporate offices in Silicon Valley and more than 18,000 employees spanning three continents across 30 locations, they are at the forefront of the digital global economy.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES production facilities, or “fabs,” include campuses in Germany, Singapore and the United States. Their most advanced manufacturing campus, Fab 8, is located in Saratoga County in the heart of upstate New York’s “Tech Valley”.

What do you manufacture?

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a semiconductor manufacturer. We offer a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, from leading edge to more mature, cost-effective process technologies. We invest in the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and processes to ensure the highest degrees of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Who are your manufacturing-blog-series_globalfoundries_steven-grassocustomers and where are they located?

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has over 250 customers worldwide, including many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.

What does your ideal workforce look like?

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ workforce varies geographically based on manufacturing and technology requirements.

Locally, Fab 8 hires individuals across a wide range of experience and education. Approximately 20% of the workforce in Malta has been hired directly out of college. We also have a very strong pipeline with our community colleges as well as with the military. The nature of our business in high tech and in leading-edge technology development also attracts top engineers from within the semiconductor industry from around the world in both manufacturing and research and development.

What’s the biggest challenge you currently face?

GLOBALFOUNDRIES develops and delivers to its customers the most advanced technology in the world. As such, we have the most advanced tooling available in the industry. One area of focus at Fab 8 is building a team of world-class maintenance technicians and engineers. It’s critical that we have talented individuals with strong equipment, electrical and mechanical skills to maintain our tools, which are the lifeblood of our operations.

What makes Saratoga County attractive as a business location for you?

Fab 8 would not have been built in Saratoga County without the strategic investments from New York State. Those investments have cemented New York’s Tech Valley as a global leader in nanotechnology research and development, the results of which have created a technology cluster that includes equipment suppliers, material suppliers, research institutions and institutions of higher education all located within close proximity to Fab 8. Saratoga County’s location, near major U.S. cities and the Adirondack Park, allows us to attract and retain the most talented workforce from around the world.