Notes from Semicon West – Day 1

Monday, July 10, 2017

Marty VanagsThe place is beginning to buzz and people are getting excited about the opening of SEMICON West, the biggest semiconductor show in North America. I am privileged to be here in San Francisco as part of the larger New York State contingent, but more specifically representing Saratoga County, New York – home of GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8 – the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility in the world. San Francisco is an amazing place with its cable cars, steep hills, rolling fog and micro-climates. We are a long way from home but this is where the action is.

Attracting new business to a community, any community, takes extraordinary effort. One must go to where the action is. The phone won’t ring unless you are actively developing relationships and promoting your message and we are making our mark here in San Francisco. The semiconductor industry, while having an awareness of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, needs to know what other opportunities are available in our region. The process of attracting new industry is building on these relationships, year after year, month after month, week after week. This is why we are here, being proactive and reaching out, telling our story.

With many appointments already set and the potential for many conversations and opportunities “working the floor” (of the trade show), we will continue to tell the industry the good news about Saratoga County.

Follow us this week through our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin and follow us as we promote your community and work our mission – to create jobs and attract capital investment to Saratoga County. That is why we are here. With continued perseverance, continued relationship building, and an eye towards the future, we will bring home the prize!

Marty Vanags, President