Saratoga Partnership team host Common Purpose Global Leaders

On May 30, the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership team hosted a group of students from the University at Albany chapter of the Common Purpose Global Leader Experience. The group included roughly 15 students from UAlbany and exchange students from the University of Central Lancashire, UK, many of whom were visiting the United States for the first time.

A Global Leader Experience (GLE) gives students real and practical experiences, instills a global perspective, and challenges students to adapt and thrive in diverse situations. It also helps students to gain cultural intelligence (the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures).

The challenge for GLE participants was “How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive?” Students explored this major world challenge from a local perspective, which is why they reached out to the Saratoga Partnership.

The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership team provided background about the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership,  our mission, and our roles in the organization. We then talked about the Saratoga County economy, demographics, industry drivers, and current issues impacting our industries including the growing skills gap, talent retention and attraction, business retention and expansion, targeted industry attraction. We also talked about issues surrounding immigration reform and international trade and how they are impacting the Saratoga County economy.

“On behalf of Common Purpose Student Experiences, I would like to say a huge thank you for being so invested in GLE Albany by hosting our students and giving them such an amazing session last week. The students really valued your insights and knowledge. They absolutely loved their time with you and shared how much they gained hearing from you.” Dikchha Gautam, Programme Manager (Asia Pacific), Common Purpose.

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Common Purpose is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1989 that develops leaders who can cross boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities. They  run programs in over 100 cities worldwide, and have more than 70,000 Alumni from over 100 countries and 6 continents.