Say Hello to Summer Intern, Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker Intro Blog Graphic

My name is Jacob Walker and I was born and raised in Clifton Park in Saratoga County. I’m a senior at the University of Maryland studying economics and I’m excited to be working for the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership this summer as I believe it will provide invaluable insight as I begin my career in the realm of economic development.

Economic development is something I’m very passionate about because I believe when governments, firms and people make the most effective decisions, the quality of everyone’s life in that society is improved. I want to make sure that people are given more opportunity to reach their potential and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. That, to me, is allowed to happen when people have jobs and financial stability which can only be accomplished through economic growth.

I believe my time with the Partnership will expose me to the day-to-day, gritty details that this field entails that allows industries and communities to keep moving forward. And I see no better place to offer my assistance than the community that gave me the same opportunities I now wish to extend to others.